My Baby Blog believes that the pregnancy, delivery and parenting journey is extremely transformative, therefore women and their own partners should be fully backed to have the best experience feasible. How a woman experiences the girl pregnancy and birth features a profound impact on who the girl becomes and how she seems as a mother " self-confident and nurtured… or not adequate and isolated - actually broken.
We need to provide a lot more support to mothers as well as mothers-to-be, as well as their spouses. We need to end the tales and beliefs that it is not a big deal; that moms will be fine and deal somehow, just as many moms before them have… because most are not coping. Society offers drastically changed, so offers how women feel about on their own as mothers and enthusiasts. As the saying goes, 'peace on earth begins with peacefulness at birth'. A gentle access into the world for our infants and a gentle introduction to parenthood for our mothers would affect the planet.